A Fazenda 2023: Jenny compartilha seus sentimentos após a saída de Rachel Sheherazade

Jenny Miranda, recently eliminated from "A Fazenda 2023," broke her silence to speak about the controversy she was involved in during the competition. In an interview with R7, she reflected on the alleged assault that led to Rachel Sheherazade's expulsion from the show. Jenny stated that she did nothing to Rachel and that she only delegated a task that Rachel did not want to do. She claimed that Rachel yelled at her with her finger in her face, and she was quiet. Jenny believes that Rachel may have gotten scared and accidentally hit her face. She clarified that a medical examination confirmed her injury and that her expulsion was a decision made by the production, not her. Regarding Rachel's statement about Jenny destroying her dream, Jenny denied it and said that Rachel herself destroyed her dream by breaking a rule. Jenny concluded by stating that she believes it was unintentional but that Rachel did break a rule, as confirmed by the production.