A Fazenda 2023: Jenny Miranda decide voto como fazendeira e busca próxima eliminação

Jenny Miranda, a owner of the most coveted hat on A Fazenda 2023, has the power to send someone directly to the chopping block. In a conversation with allies, she expressed her desire to nominate Lucas Souza, expecting the housemates to vote for Jaquelline Grohalski. Jenny believed that nominating Cezar Black would be risky as she is unsure of how he is perceived by the public. She also expressed fear of nominating Kally Fonseca, as she may be seen as cowardly due to her vulnerability this week. Jenny's concern is that Jaquelline might bring her friend Lily Nobre into the chopping block. Additionally, she believes that Lily has a better chance of receiving a second chance from the audience compared to Cezar. Jenny is confident in Lucas and Jaquelline's elimination, especially after Rachel Sheherazade's expulsion.