A Fazenda 2023: Alicia X, WL Guimarães e Darlan Cunha criticam os participantes em conversa reservada.

Alicia X, WL Guimarães, and Darlan Cunha have become even closer in the Fazenda 2023. The trio gathered around the campfire to criticize the fellow contestants of the reality show. They discussed the mistakes made by the "big group" in the first week, including arrogant attitudes. Alicia stated that Nadja twisted her words to portray her in a negative light. They also discussed the most strategic players in the group. The trio also touched on the "excluded" group and the intermediate contestants. They expressed doubts about André's innocence and speculated that he might be playing a character. They also discussed other contestants, such as Rachel, Cariúcha, Márcia, and Nadja. Alicia concluded that Nadja has a perception problem and a tendency to create drama. WL added that she is deceptive and quiet. The trio did not consider voting for Márcia but mentioned Radamés and Henrique as potential targets. They described Henrique as a "plant," someone who is not actively playing the game. WL also mentioned Nadja's strong fan base on X (formerly Twitter). Alicia concluded that Nadja suffers from paranoia and tries to create conflicts because she lacks a storyline in the show.